About Us

LOMUS - a word unknown to many of us is the name of the Rishi who was expert on many therapy during the Duapar age of Rama Regime.

LOMUS WHO standard ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified private Limited company was established in 1986 as a small scale pharmaceutical manufacturing unit and developed rapidly during nineties. With the active co-operations of the concerns outside and dedicated team work efforts inside the company, rapid growth of LOMUS place the company on the top position in the national market since 2002.

In viewing that the total share of national company in the domestic market is still below 30 percent and we are totally dependant for most of the emergency medicines to Indian manufacturers, there is a sobering realization that some pharmaceutical entrepreneurs have to take the challenge to provide that categories of pharmaceutical finish formulations and LOMUS took the initiative in this direction by constructing a new WHO GMP complying manufacturing premises at Gothatar VDC of Kathmandu district having the following salient features:


Extra ordinary premises that can cope 10% of the national requirement with today's minimum operating capacity,


Segretated HORMONE manufacturing unit with separate AHU and primary packaging,


Nepal 's first unit with separate PENICILLIN manufacturing building that comply the WHO Class A GMP requirement,

To date best water treatment plant in the country with RO and ultra filtration installed for the generation of more than 5000 liters per day of dematerialization water as a universal solvent of the industry.
Instant auto power back up for all AHUs within two seconds of normal power failure,

3500 sq. ft. Quality Assurance Lab with class 100 and 100000 areas for sterility testing and full range of in-house microbiological testing facility.


400 sq ft. Product Development Lab with R & D model Rapid Mixture Granulator (RMG), FBD, Tray Dryer, Multi Mill, Shifter, ICH Standard Stability Chambers and 16 station Rotary Tablet Compression Machine.

Recent years have witnessed a burgeoning concern with pharmaceutical ethics, both on the part of lay public and of government. New technological developments pose complex ethical questions hereto fore unknown to pharmacy practitioners, industrial entrepreneurs and governmental agencies.

One critical factor in the growth of contemporary pharmaceutical consumerism is the change in the nature of illness that has occurred in the twenty first century. Then is a decline in the prevalence of infectious diseases and marked increase in the chronic conditions like diabetes, CVS diseases, arthritis and kidney disease among the well beings of urban areas and still terrible prevalence of infectious diseases among the poor villagers. LOMUS consciously addressed both these situations by lunching safe and affordable antimicrobials as well as latest molecules for diabetes and CVS diseases. Low volumes injectable that are coming with priority to cope the necessity of emergency medicines.

Commercially less viable Eye/Ear drops and other necessary less moving formulations are manufactured to serve the public health of the nation.

We have emerged as one of the leading pharmaceutical company in Nepal with a share of rapidly growing national market. It enjoys an inevitable reputation amongst the medical fraternity for its high standard of ethics and quality. Although hundred percent success is hardly achievable we are creating learning for the best to provide the zero defect brands in the market.

LOMUS is the first national company to operate the separate penicillin building to comply the Class-A GMP requirements of World Health Organization. We have installed the segregated Hormones production facility with separate AHU and primary packing with dedicated blister packing machine.

Life at Lomus

We appreciate people for their dedication, hard work which in turn give the organization its identity and make an endeavor to succeed. It is therefore a constant effort to provide the best working environment, attractive remuneration package and recruit a team that take the organization to places. There is a focus on building our human resources and energizing our people to think radically in finding new avenues for growth and development. Professional development and interpersonal relationship are accord a high priority while creating a more congenial and people oriented milieu across the organization. Continuous training program for skill enhancement further ensure that all employees at manufacturing locations are kept updated on latest changes of GMP requirements.

We strongly believe that to look at others and/or follow the data only cannot make us competent until and unless we do not take the challenge to formulate the new products that are not yet available in the neighboring market.

The driving fuel of any pharmaceutical manufacturing unit is the team work. This feeling is realized from the top management to the floor workers of the company. Energized by one passion to provide uncompromising quality conforming to internationally accepted WHO-GMP practices. Lomus' unceasing commitment has resulted in making its manufacturing facilities amongst the best to the country.

To encourage "speed to market" by reducing the time span between production and distribution of the product, supply chain of the company being strengthened with a new division "NIMBUS". This division is the umbrella for the aggressive ethical marketing of latest molecules for CVS diseases, diabetes and psychotropic. The world class manufacturing facilities at LOMUS bears testimony to its unflinching commitment to quality.

Install Capacity
Considering all above mention facts LOMUS install the following manufacturing capacity in the new WHO GMP comply manufacturing unit at Gothatar VDC of Kathmandu district:


Per shift
Per day


Tablet (Common)

1.5 million 3.0 million


Tablet (CVS/Psychotropic) 0.5 million 1.0 million


Tablet (Hormones)

0.5 million 1.0 million


Liquid orals

15,000 bottles of 100ml 30,000 bottles


Capsule (Non-penicillin)

0.3 million 0.6 million


Capsule (Penicillin)

0.1 million 0.2 million


Capsule (Cephalosporin)

0.25 million 0.5 million



10,000 tubes of 20g 20,000 tubes


Liquid externals

5,000 bottles of 100ml 10,000 bottles


Injectable low volume

15,000 ampoules 30,000 ampoules


Injectable Vials 10,000 vials 20,000 vials
Lomus labs-a true approach towards the quality assurance

LOMUS new quality assurance department having 3500 sq ft. area with Class 100 and 100000 areas for sterility testing is well equipped with all latest sophisticated testing facilities like FTIR, HPLC, UV-Visible Spectrophotometers, Latest models of self calibrating electronic as well as moisture balances and all necessary testing facilities to cope the perfect in-house testing of all company brands.

With strong economic backup and latest technical know-how completely supported with dedicated manpower, the company posses enormous confidence and looks forward to become a leader pharmaceutical company producing the quality that can compete with any similar international brands.

Future Foreword
Keeping ahead of the pack, we envision ourselves as a well managed and change controlled based national pharmaceutical company. This vision is based on our fundamental goals: INNOVATION, PRODUCTIVITY ENHANCEMENT, STRATEGIC ALLAIANCE AND GLOBAL REACH. Lomus is gearing up to exploit the ever expanding market. The future looks bright and we are ready to take the challenge of it. "Organizational satisfaction is directly proportional to the consumer-satisfaction and people work for the people and twenty first century demands strong leadership that moves towards the health care and motivates every individual performance toward the excellence."
Lomus Group, mainly involved in Pharmaceuticals, Cement manufacturing (grinding unit), Banking, Non Life Insurance, Finance, media and Trading. Lomus Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd. established in 1986, is a WHO-GMP standard largest manufacturer of Pharmaceuticals products of Nepal with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certification. Lomus pharmaceuticals produces more than 250 products in form of capsules, tablets ointments and liquids is number one company as per ORG-Marg report since last four years. New herbal branch is established to produce herbal medicine target mainly export market named Herbanaria. Cosmos cement Industry is ISO 9001 certified 300 TPD closed circuit grinding unit located in Central Nepal which is established in 1999. Cosmos cement is expanding with its clinkerization unit of 1000 1500 TPD in near future since demand of cement is growing rapidly in this part of the region. Lomus group is also involved in Shikhar Insurance Company, Citizen Bank International, Kamana Publication Group (Publisher of Daily Nepali Newspaper) and International Leasing and Finance Company Limited (joint venture with KDB Korea)
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